Suggestion: Nutrients Missing

I am currently using Mills products and their nutrient schedule is not available in the marketplace. Just wanted to put in a vote for my nutrients for your next update.

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2 answers

  • Thanks Mandy for the suggestion. I’ll put it on our list of products to add and get it on there during our next Market Place cycle. We will be expanding the Market Place a lot and should also have seeds on their soon :)

    As always use the code GrowBuddy at to get an extra 5% off your order.

    • Thank you very much.

      MandyM   May 31th 2016
  • I am not sure if you are talking about their Nutrient Line or "Nutrient schedule" as you posted.. If is the Nutrient schedule what you are looking for you can add it manually to the Growbuddy app : You have to input each nutrient individually and then create a "nutrient" schedule. You can perform this task under -Garden Content-.

    I am not affiliated with growbuddy, just trying to help..

    • Thanks for helping mike. Did you know we added pre loaded nutrient schedules in the marketplace for some of the bigger nutrient companies. You can add it directly to your garden saving you some time.

      GB-Admin   Jun 28th 2016

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