Why cant it remember my login info

love this application just hate having to log in each time.

  • Ok I hope someone sees this that' works for this app cause I don't know what else to do I have an iPhone and I downloaded the app it worked at the beginning then I got the pic version and updated the info I needed to for all my plants and now when I try to open and log into the iPhone app version it says right off the bat wrong login and password so I press ok and then nothing happens I go to menu and click log out and again nothing I try to uninstall and reinstall and nothing I need help cause I do love this app but can not get it to work for me on my iphone

    MethodologyExtracts   Oct 02th 2016
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3 answers

  •  It remembers it on the phone. 

  • Hey Collin,

    Thanks for writing in and lettings us know about features you would like to see. We will submit this to our developer and see if we can get that on the next update. Thanks for using the app and let us know if you have any other feature requests. 

    • That log in thing is kind of a peev of mine as well. Hope ya all can fix it. Thanks for the program and app.

      Dr420   Sep 20th 2016
    • We can. I will submit this to be fixed. Thanks for the input.

      GB-Admin   Sep 21th 2016
    • I have a similar issue I have to put user and password every time I try to use the app on mi iPad. Work great on my iPhone

      guayabera   Jul 11th 2017
  • I presume this feature never got implemented.  I'm a new user and having problems logging in.  When I click the "Forgot password" link, it returns a message stating that an email has been sent to my, 'almost', email address!  It concatenated the address by removing the last letter.  


    Example email:  "*.com" is actually sent to email address ".co" 

    BTW: I did not receive the email from growbuddy.com.



    • Hi Squeaky Bones,

      Sorry you are having issues. Can you try entering in your email address again? I just tested it out and I am not seeing this issue.

      GB-Admin   Dec 12th 2017

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