My first shot at growing!

Hi, this is my first try in growing some, i based my choice on guides read online from which i probably misinterpreted something, that's why i'm asking for help here!

I have a grow box with a CFL 150W AGRO, fan, extractor, carbon filter to host 2 pots filled with soil.

Right now my 2 babies have 32 days (4w 4d) even though i think they are pretty late with the growth. I summarize the story line:

03/10 Planted.

09/10 Putted on pots.

11/10 Lighten up 12/24h (distance 30/35cm).

15/10 Moved to distance 20cm, powered up the fan 24/24h and placed support for the stem because the plants didn't stand up by theirself.

24/10 Added 5cm of soil to reduce the stem lenght. Powered up the fan 12/24h. 27/10 Light cycle increased to 16/24h.

30/10 Appeared burn on the lower leaf (excess of fertilizer?).

All dressed with 2 weeks of root juice and the remaining 2 and a half weeks with a vegetative fertilizer (both 5ml in 1.5lt of distilled water, about half a liter every 2 days).

What do you think about my management?

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2 answers

  • Welcome! I think you will like growing, it can be relaxing (most of the time). Its weird reading the dates because the month and day are backwards for me. I am guessing you are out of the US. FYI you can share you crop with all the veg and flower dates by clicking ask a quesiton in the crop section, it looks pretty cool and easy for others to see what you are doing. Post pictures to help with diagnosing and if you post your nutrient schedule that is helpful too. 

    Did you move the lights up 20 cm from the plant?

    You dont need to add more soil usually. 

    What kind of burn was it? Post pictures.

    Looks like you are moving in the right direction. Record what you are doing and take detailed notes. 

  • Hi StickyFingers! Thanks a lot for your reply!!!

    Yes, i'm outside US :) Europe actually!


    I did what u said about the "ask a question" button, i also flagged photos and everything but they have not been shown on my post!

    1. The light are 20cm from the plant

    2. I added soil cause of the stem problem

    3. The burn is for the nutrients (you can see a photo here


    For the rest, i'm takin note of everything for my future plants, i just came back from 4 days in Amsterdam and when i got back i found my girl like this:

    They made a beautiful sprint!!! Now i gave 'em the last 0.5lt of Vegetative nutrient and i'm planning to start with Biobizz Bio Bloom ( 2 days from now, do you think it could be the right move?


    Thanks a lot and congrats for this beautiful app and service!

    • Actually, i just read one of my seed specs here Flowering time: 6-7 Weeks and the other Flowering time: 5-7 Weeks

      So, assuming that i'm on the week 5 day 2 i guess i should keep on with vegetative nutrients until week 6-7 and then start with the Bio Bloom right?

      Thanks again!

      pinocchio87   Nov 07th 2016
    • HOw tall are the plants? 15cm? Is the picture with leaf burn how they look now? I How much room do you have in that space to go up? Did you try to make a new post with the ask a question button?

      StickyFingers   Nov 08th 2016
    • Yes i did, but i got some tabulation problem, and when i do the edit to fix the problem, all the image and detail about nutrient etc disappear from casefiles. I guess this is a bug of the application.

      Anyway the plants are 15cm, the leaf burn seems to be resolved right now (here u can see how they were: and here u can see how they are:

      I have a grow room 60x60x150cm

      thanks again

      pinocchio87   Nov 08th 2016
    • Looks like you have a lot of room to grow up which is good. I would let the plants get to about 40 cm before flowering. This will give your plants time to establish a strong root system and give you a larger yield. Bigger roots = bigger fruits. Plants can double in size once they flower, but this is usually in sativa strains. Indicas usually grow around half of what they did in veg. This is just a rule of thumb other things may happen. Give your plants a flush now and again and they should be happy.

      StickyFingers   Nov 08th 2016
    • I managed to do the case right!

      pinocchio87   Nov 08th 2016

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