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Good evening everybody, this is my first growing experience so i'm not sure about every phases that i have to pass through. I have 2 different strain in 2 pots, in the technical sheet of the seeds is written that they should start flowering around 6/7 weeks but still i have no signs of flowering (except for the smell!) Right now i'm at 7 weeks and 4 days, i have to admit that this plants have been through a bit of trouble cause of my lack of experience (starting from light too far, wrong nutrient in the first weeks, nutrient burn in the latest week). Anyway i think i managed every problem pretty quickly and the plants had a growth stop only for a few days (on my first nutrient burning). Just a couple days ago i managed my second nutrient burning by pruning all sick leaves (in order to even increase the growth of the rest of the plants)

My question is: is it normal that they are a bit late?


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2 answers

  • What up Pinocchio,

    Dude looks like the plants are coming along nicely. You mention that you cant tell if the plants are flowering. Did you switch the lights over to 12 hours of light 12 hours of dark? The plants will not start flowering by themselves unless they are auto flower plants. Auto flower plants start flowering around day 21. I don't think you have auto flowering plants, they were just giving you a suggestion on when to flower them. 

  • Hi StickyFingers! Thanks for your help again!!

    The seeds are supposed to be autoflowering! so i was waiting for the "moment"!! These are the strains

    Why do you think they are still in vegetative? i'm on 16/8h of light right now


    Though i'm pretty concerned about my plant's health, as you can see from the image attached the leaves are showing problem that i'm not really able to identify even using the tons of tools found on the web, i'm not sure if it is PH Fluctuation, Nutrients Burn o some lack of nutrient that i don't know!


    • Oh shit well then turn the lights to 12/12 and make the girls flower, you dont want them getting too tall. The nutrient deficiency looks like phosphorus def. The dark color splotches.

      StickyFingers   Nov 23th 2016
    • Did it, now the timer is 12/12, though they are just 54cm tall (from the soil, actually the plant was born 5cm below the actual soil level) I checked on the phosphorous deficiency and i probably confirm that it is based on picture and description, so I added 1ml of Biobizz Bio Bloom, in 1lt of water, which appear to be rich in phosphorus, I hope they'll get back on their stem soon! Thanks again man Thank you so much

      pinocchio87   Nov 24th 2016
    • Nice, lets see if they start flowering now. Remember less is more. Don't chase the ppms. Make sure you ph meter is calibrated and keep within your range. Measure your run off every week of so. You want to get 10% run off each feeding. This will help flush out any salt build up.

      StickyFingers   Nov 24th 2016
    • I just googled what ppms means, so I'm I wasn't chasing them!! lol Anyway I didn't get the whole PH part, today I tested the water (6.5) the soil (6.2) and the water plus the nutrients (7.0), so I think they are pretty much what I should have. Can you help me understand pls

      pinocchio87   Nov 24th 2016
    • I like to see the ph of the run off around 6.5. If it is too high it can block the uptake of nutrients. Lower the pH on the next couple feedings to 6.2 and see if you can lower the ph.

      StickyFingers   Nov 24th 2016
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