Does anyone know what this weird dust is around my leaf edges?

I just noticed that the edges of my leaves are curling up and it looks dust or some powder on it. Is that powdery mildew?

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2 answers

  • That right there is russet mites!! You are going to have your hands full. Good Luck

    • so what did you end up doing or using nuke 'em? just curious for future reference..



      chewy96216   Feb 13th 2017
    • It has been a on going battle. These guys don't die easy. I have been spraying with an atomizer consistently but my problem is that I have a perpetual garden so I cant spray plants that are past week 3 in flower. I think I have them beat and but then they come back in force. My advice don't get them. If you take plants from someone put them into quarantine for 2 weeks and make sure nothing is on them.

      StickyFingers   Feb 14th 2017
  • Sorry to hear, I had spidermites and they had a lasting effect even after i sprayed them with nuke 'em.  

    Good advice though for future reference about the quarantine. 


    Good Luck,




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