What problem do i have?

Hi guys, it's my second run on growin', i have a lot more knowledge but yet there's something i'm missing, so i'm here to ask for your help! I just came back from 2 days off and i found out my babies a bit sick :( As you can see from the photos one plant is going really good, the other one is showing the stress cause of the temperature on the top and on the down side is showing a nitrogen deficency (as far as i know), you can also see some stem becoming to be red. i've doubled to 2ml/liter of biobizz biogrow (that i guessed was the one with higest nitrogen level), the "sickness" seems to be stopped but now i'm not that sure.

Thanks for your advice!

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3 answers

  • I think you got it right. Another thing it might be is that the bottom few inches of the soil in your pot isn't drying out. That can cause the bottom leafs on your plant to die off and nercotic dead spots. 

    • Thanks man, i will check the next time before watering!

      pinocchio87   Feb 22th 2017
  •  YOu are almost into week 4 of flower and your plants are going to start looking for more phosphorus and potassium. I don't think you need anymore nitrogen. From the looks of it I would say they want a little more phosphorus because of the spots and curling of the leaves. The cannabis plant also like lots of calcium and magnesium the whole way through, so make sure it is getting those two as well. 

    • Thanks for your reply, i'm actually following Biobizz recommended dosage (you can see it here http://www.biobizz.com/wp-content/themes/biobizz/download.php?p=4342), but it's the second crop that it's encountering the same problem, i'm starting to think that maybe it is wrong. So now i have a P and an N deficency? or just a P deficency as far as you think? I'll probably water tomorrow, i'll add more N-P and see what will happen!

      pinocchio87   Feb 22th 2017
  • First of all, Nitrogen is necessary in all stages. Second, you definitely need to bump up the P and K. Third, next time aerate the bottom portion of your bot a little more than the top layer.

    • and from your feeding notes oit looks like you never flush, flush every 3rd water or every other with just soil.

      Snowbudz   Mar 18th 2018

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