Starting in Germination

So im starting a grow with a start date of yesterday and it keeps starting in Vegetative and next stage is flower. How do i start it in Germination stage. I put a negative date in for start as a test and it still doesnt work. I know some have thiers on germination so i know its possible but im starting to see how confusing this app is. the Usability is horrible not intuative at all bouncing from day to month to garden just confuses things even worse. Think I'll start with a good old fashion Notepad.

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2 answers

  • Figured out what was going on! I thought the Vegetative and Flowering date where for projected dates. Aparentlly not so you do not populate that till you move or change environment.(I have two seperate closets for veg/flower) Now if i can just firgure out why my journal link shows a day late and wont populate the temp humidity averages.

  • Hey Sophist,

    It takes a little bit to figure it out but once you get going there is a lot you can do with the app which is really helpful. They have a YouTube page with their how to videos which might help you figure some things out.

    I run a 30 light operation between two different spots with GrowBuddy and it helps keep everyone on the same page. It has been a big help for me, not sure I could go back to sticky notes and white board. Good luck though and happy growing. 

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