Nutrient schedule Clarification?

So im adding Nutrients in what seems to be a mix of tablespoon and ml so what im wondering i guess first of all can they all be added to one "Feeding" ph'ed jug and then have another of plain ph'ed water for water feeds(Alternating). And can someone tell me if my Schedule looks sane or way out of whack. Again I'll mention this is my first grow Nuets are going to be new to me.

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1 answer

  • I wouldn't recomend premixing your nutes. If you don't keep it airated it will go bad within 24 hours. I've never used the nutes you are using but it looks pretty good. A general guideline would be

    clones = 250-300ppm

    Veg = 300-600ppm

    Flower = 600-900ppm


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