Hows she look.

Sorry first grow happy to see green! WW Fem. Boy I hope this goes 1/4 as good as i hope lol.

  • I'm doing my first grow too! I grew from seed and have made mistakes (reversed light schedule, not enough nutrients because I'm using all organic). It's a great learning experience and these case files are SO helpful. My suggestion is take a LOT of notes and read read read!

    She looks great! What's her name? I name all of mine.

    BrainPain   Apr 02th 2017
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2 answers

  • It's looking great! Post again if you have any questions. You'll be smoking your own in no time :)

  • So exciting! She looks good. I'm doing my first grow, myself, and am amazed at how fast they grow! I've grown a lot of other vegetation and can't believe how fast this grows. 

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