High Heat in grow box

Under T5's Im steady at around 88f I cant seem to get the air to move it is certainlly not 90 degrees in my house so im wondering if anyones ever used a small evaperative cooler and how bad it might be on humidity. Im currentlly not to bad at like 25% average so i could deal with a small increase. Box is about a 4'x2'x40'' or so. Opinions?

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3 answers

  • It seems that your box is really hot for just a t5. Is it completely inclosed? If so add a air in and air out fan to move the heat that is accumulating in the box. You can put a filter on the air out if you are worried about smell. You box should stay the same temp as in your house then. 

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    In my box, the first days are very hot ones. My lsr´s hanging very deep, I cant change that. But the humidity ist around 80-90% and as the light went up, the temperature is falling and it seems that the plants are not suffering because of that. Both, my first crop WW and the the OG, wich I will send in flower in the few days, are growing very well.

  • Use more fans to cool the air, like the photo how she coming along

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