She To young to go like this :(

Any suggestions on whats going wrong here? The reserch ive done has brought to two conclutions.

  1. Im overwatering.....unlikley as i wait till my soil is dry down to my first knukle. And below that is at best damp.

  2. Cal/Mag Deficiency due to purpling stems and drooping of the leaves along with the small brown spots.

3.Nuet lockout...i have been testing input and running around 6.5 though i use the droppers (pens in the mail) havent tested runoff yet though.

little about the grow closet space with two fans temps around 80 average under t5 high output. At first my humidity was way low at 16% I got a humidifyer and got it up to average of 40 growth started getting better as it seemed stunted with the low humidity. the the clolor changes started. Firt pale leaves then the spots started.

Any Suggestions?

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2 answers

  • Are you using Nature Care soil by Miracle Gro? Do you know if it had nutes in it already?  How close are your lights?

    • I am using the nature care and yes it had nuets. And the lights are prolly 8 inches. The heat isent bad on my hand right at the light and at the plant lvl i barly feel warmth.

      Sophist   Mar 09th 2017
    • Im thinking of transplanting to foxfarm. Gonna get some in the morning. And also some cal/mag. Or you think i should hold off on nuets? Ive yet to give any and shes had 3 or 4 waterings in that solo cup.

      Sophist   Mar 09th 2017
    • Do you even think it would be ok to try a transplant right now or would it stress to much seeing as shes already stressed.

      Sophist   Mar 09th 2017
    • I think it was your soil. You have a lockout. Typically soil from "the man" doesn't have the right ratios of nutrients for cannabis. Especially for a seedling. From the pics it is going to be hard to bring her back. You might as well transplant her. It's do or die right now. DON'T add any of your own nutes if the Fox Farm has some already. You should be able to go at least a couple of weeks with just water. I would also raise the light. Not due to heat, but because of the light intensity. I'm assuming you are using a T5. Raise it up to a couple feet till she recovers.

      DeazyHaze   Mar 10th 2017
    • posted by

    Ok So It Was aNuetrient Deficiency not due to PH but my inability to read simple percentages i guess. The Natures Care Soil Im Using Does list NPK but i failed to notice it was only 0.15% N in values so she was crying for Nitrogen. Fix was a Flush and Nuet Feeding with Ionic"s Grow formula. Shes Looking much better even though i did have to remove the first set of leaves as they where to full of browning. Ill Edit again and upload a photo in a sec.

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