Never Use Natures Care Soil

Never use this soil!!! The PH would never budge above 6.0 with any input flowing through it. All problems lead back to this being a horrible ph'ed soil for growing. I have since transplanted to Fox-Farm and the results can be seen in pitures on the grow. I ran into alll kinds of issues with lock out's and the only time i would get a spurt of any growth would be if i ran 8.0Ph'ed on the input.

The Fox-Farm has had a huge Improved result on my girl and I was actually able to top her today. as you can see in Pics. The browning on the leaves that are left are all leftover from the old soil. I will LST in the comming day's as the shoots sprouting from the nodes are growing vibrantlly. Hopping to get 6 or so tops setup. I will be taking genetics from this first plant and also have started a new seed in the fox-farm. I may have burnt her out though as I put her a little to close to the heat but who knows we will see it was still a white tail but didnt seem to be making it out of the shell.

If she dont germinate i have another ill start on a cloning pad for proper heat.

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1 answer

  • Good to hear. She does look a lot better. 

    • Yeh i might still have a small lockout issue she showing signs of cal deficiencies at the mid growth. Im not 100% sure but i th8ng its cause of the rootball that was formed that I couldnt remove without damaging her. Ive decided to proceed the way she is and just try to feed her some more cal/mag. I gave her a light dose when i tplanted her but not much at all and she had improved. But im in a learning curve so im gonna take it for what it is.

      I fried my other seed too so i started another one. Also ill be taking the lower branching off her this week to try and get a few clones out of her.

      Sophist   Apr 01th 2017

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