How do these plants look?

this is a small grow of 4 strawberry Kush plants, any info would be great this is my first grow. This is only half of my hydro setup, the other side is going to be blueberry they veg for a week less and flower the same time so they will go in the pots in a day or two.  I felt like I wasn't watering enough at first so every hour the pots fill to the bottom of root then drain to the 4 gallon depth that is about 3 inches from the top. I check the ph twice a day at 5.7ish temp stays around 80-85 with a good bit of humidity.

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    This one has a spot on the two small leafs

    • I wouldn't be to worried about the spots. Post again if the new growth gets some spots

      DeazyHaze   Mar 31th 2017
  • Mmmmm. Strawberry KUSH!! Are the seeds in rockwool? If so, just make sure the bottom of the rockwool touches the water. The rockwool will wick the water up. You don't want to over water once the roots start to develope. Also, 80-85 is ok but make sure your water isn't getting to hot. Keep your water around 68-72. If it get to warm you will get root rot really quick.

  • Humidity should not be a problem at this early of a stage. Since you plants are in hydroton you just want to make sure that they don't dry out. Several short feedings a day should be fine. Play around with it to see how much you plant is drinking.

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