One plant is a runt

So I planted 4 strawberry Kush,germinated in wet paper towel and put them into my dwc hydro tent. 3 out of the 4 are doing great but one has stunted growth and going very slow also the leaves look burnt on the tips. They all have the same schedule to a T with identical nutrients and watering. Any tips or way to fix this?

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3 answers

  • It might just be a week seed. It looks like it will grow out of it as it gets bigger. 

  • I had a runt in my first grow as well, and it totally caught up.

  •  Runts aren't uncommon. They will catch up in flower trust me. I had a runt and by the end it was 2nd biggest. 


    What are you using for DWC? Looks really cool. 

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