Photo Edit Will Not Save

I am trying to edit photo descriptions etc on the computer and it will not allow me to save!  will this be fixed in your new update and if so when might that be?


PS Sorry if this is a repost, but my last question dissappeared into space when I hit send your question and threw me onto a page that said I wasn't allowed to view it  :P  So I don't know if the original post went through!

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1 answer

  • Hey Baked Bros,

    I created a support ticket and we will get this fixed in an upcoming update. I don't know the exact update that we will be able to get it into but I will mark it as a priority. Happy Growing!

    Greenest Regards,

    GrowBuddy Team

    • Thanks for responding. Love the program despite the glitches... but you know all great things are a work in progress! Keep up the great work!

      Baked Bros   Apr 23th 2017

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