Need all natural bug repellent, please.

I am growing 100% all natural. No store bought nutriants. Just want to see how this will go. This is also my forst ever grow. Currently the crop of 4 are in pots getting ready to transplant into the ground. Last night/early this morning, (4/14/17) I checked them and they were fine. This afternoon, Plant "D" is being eatten.What are some 100% all natural things I can do?  I read that white vinigar/water mix sprayed around the are, but not on the plants, would help.  Any other ideas would be appreciated.Thanks.

  • SNS 209 is a fantastic preventative agent. It uses essential oils, primarily rosemary oil and extract. It feeds into the plant and repels or kills bugs, including spider mites, very very effectively, but it is not meant to kill bugs when seen. When bugs are visible, SNS has another product called 203 I think. Its very expensive but entirely worth it and a little goes a loooong way!

    Evergreen81   Apr 16th 2017
  • I have been spraying white vinegar around them and have not seen any new signs of bugs. I will try those oils. Thanks.

    Mr. D.   Apr 16th 2017
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1 answer

  • Did you see the bug? Neem oil is all natural. I can help if you know what type of bug it is. 

    • No, I didn't get to see the bug(s). Looks like they came in early morning and ate and ran.

      If I see them I will take a photo and post.


      Mr. D.   Apr 14th 2017

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