When do they Veg?

First time grower here. Here are today's photos of my crop. How much longer until they go into Veg? I want to transplant them into the ground at that time?

They are bag seeds and were germinated on March 19th and potted on March 20th. Unknown strain.


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3 answers

  • Those are definately seedling... in Vegatative state. If planting outdoors, obviously want to wait until any cooler  (evening temps) aren't going to be an issue. You could also wait until they've reached a good foot tall, sex them and plant your females (unless their feminized) into the ground. Make sure to ammend the soil. 

    Vegatative state basically lasts until you place the plant into flowering conditions (indoor)

    Hope that helps :-)


    • So you are saying I should wait a bit to transfer them to the ground? Our cool/cold weather is long gone here.

      Mr. D.   1 month ago
    • So long as they are blocked from any strong wind they should be ok.

      LighthouseOrganics   1 month ago
  • I´m also a rookie, but I think they are in veg? The seedling stage is over, so this must be veg?

    • Ah, ok. I will move them into the ground this weekend then.

      Mr. D.   1 month ago
  • To celebrate 420 I transplanted them into the ground today.

    • Hey so I heard plants can get "sunburned" if you transfer them from indoor to outdoor direct sun. Same as if you spent all winter indoors and then you get a big sunburn the first day you are out in the sun. It's been recommended you shade them at first and expose to direct sunlight in 3 hours at first then go from there.

      smoky cello   1 month ago
    • Interesting, These plants have never been indoors though, but thanks for the info.

      Mr. D.   1 month ago

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