Day 10, curious about what else I should be doing at this point


I have 2 plants of unknown types.  This is my first grow and it's more of a hobby for me so I don't have a an extensive setup.  This would be day 10 of the total life and day 4 of veg.  I am using to 5 gallon pots with 2 little grow lights set on 18/6.  The medium is dr. earth "pot of gold" mix so I do not add any nutrients when i water.  I am using a very eco/friendly pesticide that I cannot remember the name of.  Question is... should I be doing anyhting else at this point. Also I am using tap water... I know i know tap water bla.. but mine is filtered so its a little better.  Any thoughts would be appreciated. And sorry the picz are misaligned, not sure how to edit them.. Thanks

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2 answers

  • I used fertilized soil on both my grows. These soils aren't made to feed a plant like cannabis for very long. You will see really good results if you use extra nutrients like Fox Farms.

    • That's good to know. I just figured I'd start w/ this medium and see what kind of results I get. I'll add that into my feed, Thanks Smoky

      johnny78   1 month ago
  • Hey Johnny,

    Go luck on your first grow, it is a fun hobby. I have never heard of that soil, it will be interesting to see how the pure water works out. 

    I usually start in solo cups or one-gallon pots so it is easier to not over water and gauge when to feed. 

    Keep us up to date on how it goes. 

    • Thanks WMD,

      I figured with only 2 plants it'd be safe to test it w tap water.. not like ill lose a whole crop ;) I started in some hyrdro pods after the seeds cracked then a week later transplanted them into the 5 g pots. I'm interested to see how it turns out too. My overall goal is to spend the least amount of money I can and still birth something great ;)

      johnny78   1 month ago

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