Is this a male?

Looking at Larry, I do believe he might be a male. This is my first grow, so I'm not sure. His flowers elongated and the balls also elongated, so not taking any chances I moved him to my outside greenhouse to continue growing alone with my tomatoes and squash for budder. He was a freebie seed. His bro/sis Curly is growing in a similar fashion but I'm not sure yet. Moe looks to be a different strain and the flowers are just starting to come in. They look more compact, so she might be a she. (My other three are feminized seed.) The Gorilla House is Gorilla Glue #4 seeds from bag seed, and just entered flower today, so not sure yet. I would love it if they were girls as that is a favorite strain. I had three, but one didn't make it. Sad.

First grow, made some mistakes, but am learning. I think my biggest was organic nutrients seem to need a little more. I also need a better grow light, but I'm on a budget. Growing mainly for my brain pain and some friends.

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4 answers

  • Absolutely a male. Don't look like totally mature pollen sacks but I'd still be careful and bag it up when you cut it down. Otherwise isolate and save the pollen...

    • He's already been moved to the outside greenhouse so he's far far away from the ladies. Sorry Larry. You're going to have to sow your seed elsewhere. I am going to let him keep growing for awhile. I have one other I'm not sure about, but the third appears to be a female for sure. The two Gorrilla Glue bag-seed so far appear to be females, although I'm not sure how to know if they hermaphrodite. I'll have to research that.

      Thanks so much!

      BrainPain   1 month ago
  • those are some big balls on your plant my friendo

    • Thanks! Learning so much from this site.

      BrainPain   1 month ago
  • Hard to tell from the pictures. Can you get a close shot of the flower sites and the pistols? 

    • Okay I added two better photos. I'm pretty sure he's a he now that he's even a few days older. Darn you Larry! Oh well. He'll make good budder.

      BrainPain   1 month ago
  • I will tomorrow. I'm out of town overnight. I looked to see if I had some good pictures, but I don't. Thanks for your help.

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