Is this a male?

Looking at Larry, I do believe he might be a male. This is my first grow, so I'm not sure. His flowers elongated and the balls also elongated, so not taking any chances I moved him to my outside greenhouse to continue growing alone with my tomatoes and squash for budder. He was a freebie seed. His bro/sis Curly is growing in a similar fashion but I'm not sure yet. Moe looks to be a different strain and the flowers are just starting to come in. They look more compact, so she might be a she. (My other three are feminized seed.) The Gorilla House is Gorilla Glue #4 seeds from bag seed, and just entered flower today, so not sure yet. I would love it if they were girls as that is a favorite strain. I had three, but one didn't make it. Sad.

First grow, made some mistakes, but am learning. I think my biggest was organic nutrients seem to need a little more. I also need a better grow light, but I'm on a budget. Growing mainly for my brain pain and some friends.

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5 answers

  • Absolutely a male. Don't look like totally mature pollen sacks but I'd still be careful and bag it up when you cut it down. Otherwise isolate and save the pollen...

    • He's already been moved to the outside greenhouse so he's far far away from the ladies. Sorry Larry. You're going to have to sow your seed elsewhere. I am going to let him keep growing for awhile. I have one other I'm not sure about, but the third appears to be a female for sure. The two Gorrilla Glue bag-seed so far appear to be females, although I'm not sure how to know if they hermaphrodite. I'll have to research that.

      Thanks so much!

      BrainPain   Apr 26th 2017
  • Hard to tell from the pictures. Can you get a close shot of the flower sites and the pistols? 

    • Okay I added two better photos. I'm pretty sure he's a he now that he's even a few days older. Darn you Larry! Oh well. He'll make good budder.

      BrainPain   Apr 23th 2017
  • I will tomorrow. I'm out of town overnight. I looked to see if I had some good pictures, but I don't. Thanks for your help.

  • those are some big balls on your plant my friendo

    • Thanks! Learning so much from this site.

      BrainPain   Apr 30th 2017
  • Looks very Male to me..... did you get it out asap 

    • I did! All the other ladies still have their virtue intact. Both my GG#4 hermied. I think it was not enough light. They are hanging in the greenhouse and will be budder. Did that with this guy and he made amazing budder. We called him Larry and whenever I need good relief I just call on Larry.

      BrainPain   Jun 06th 2017

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