What's happening here?!?!

Hi guys, i'm relly concerned because this is my third on growing and i'm encountering the same problem i always had but i can't understand what's happening. The plants starts very well every time and growth till the 4/5 week then lower leaves start to turn yellow and everything go south.

In the previous plantations i was using filtered water and biobizz products. I thought that could have been the problem so i bought Advanced nutrient PH Perfect stuff and used tap water,

What could you think it's happening?

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2 answers

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    Hi Pinocchio,

    Few questions, 1-Have you ever had a succesful grow before w any of your setups? 2-Do you use the same seeds everytime? 3- have you ever checked the ph levels of your run off water? I'm curious if it's the genes of the seeds or maybe too much nutrients are getting stuck in your medium.  I'd rule out ph issues by checking ph levels in the water going in and the water that drains out of your pots.  Maybe a good flush would help ya.


    • Hi johnny! 1- I did already grow with this setup (this one differ just for nutrients and type of water) 2- This is the third growth, always used different strains. Now looking at my ingredient and at some guide about nutrient deficency i came to the conclusion that i always had early Nitrogen deficency in my plantation (except for the first which i feed with a lot of Biobizz Biogrow NPK 4-3-6, pretty different from my actual grow nutrient which is 1-0-4. Just today i feed 'em with 0.5lt each of water+biobizz biogrow 4-3-6 so maybe they'll get some nitrogen out of that!

      pinocchio87   May 01th 2017
    • I agree with Johnny. Do a run-off test to measure what the EC and PH is coming out of your plants. You might find that you need to give you plants a reduced feeding every other time or they just need a good flush. It is common to flush your plants every 2-3 weeks.

      StickyFingers   May 01th 2017
  • Hey Pinocchio,

    From the pictures, it looks like you have a potassium deficiency because of the spots that are forming and the leaf tips curling up. Potassium deficiency can be caused by several things such as having excess sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus in your feedings. Having your water too cold can also impair the uptake of potassium. Keep the water temp between 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit. 


    • ei stickyfingers! thanks for your advice, i truly thought it was a lack of nitrogen and i actually treated 'em that way, in the beginning the seemt to be spreading new life, but now that the flowering is started, it's seems that you have been right from the beginning! I should trust my gut less than you! :lol:

      pinocchio87   May 09th 2017
    • hi sticky, I tracked the temperature of water, pH and I added an high potassium nutrient in the mix for the last 2 weeks but I still have the problem...i don't really know what to do right now..

      pinocchio87   May 27th 2017
    • Can you post some more pictures? What is the run off of your medium?

      StickyFingers   May 30th 2017

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