What do I need to do differently next time?

This is my Gorilla Glue #4 lady who is on week 3 of flower. She is tall, sticky as hell and beautiful for bag seed, but I feel like she should be bigger, better, and stronger at this point. This is my first grow, although I did start her after I started my original grow. I am using organic nutrients, usually at 150% because at 100% I was getting indications that they weren't getting enough and when I increased they really started to grow. Because I am on a budget, I only have one grow light 300 watts with 4 CFLs in a 4 x 5 x 2 grow tent. Water as needed, feed as needed. Hard to tell because of lights, but she was asking for nutrients and got them today (she was fine two days ago, I check in daily).

Don't get me wrong I am not unhappy with my grow, but I want to learn more. I have been watching videos on training, feeding, etc. I grow for myself (medical patient, daily chronic migraines) so it isn't like I want to grow to feed the neighborhood or baby needs a new pair of shoes. Stupid dogs won't keep their shoes on anyhow. But I just want to maximize my effort and learn more so that I can do better on my next grow. On all my plants (right now one Blackjack, White Rhino, Blueberry Kush, two GG#4s, and two freebie seeds that are female) I feel like they are not reaching their potential like teenagers who I know can do better, but are happy with Ds.

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2 answers

  • Be careful when transplant a small plant into a large container. The number 1 cause of root disease is too much water. Transplanting a small plant into a large container means the container can hold a lot more moisture than the roots can absorb. Be careful when watering. Don't saturate the entire pot. Or start in a smaller container and wait until the roots start to grow out the bottom, thats what I do. 

    • I kind of wondered about that because I felt like they didn't get quite enough nutrients as they were in veg, but because the containers were so large they didn't need watering as much. So then it was "do I water again and risk overwatering to get them the nutrients, or do I wait?"

      When I harvested Larry, my male who was banished to the greenhouse once he started flashing his balls at me, the nerve, he had a nice root system throughout the pot. However, I realized that had he been in a smaller pot to begin with he might have put more effort into his leaves, less into roots. So good plan!

      BrainPain   May 11th 2017
    • I learned something new.

      Farmerman421   May 14th 2017
  • It looks really good for a first grow, nice work.  A more powerful light would do, supplemental co2, and bud booster nutes during the middle of flower (too much will decrease yields).  Are these all grown from seed?  If so then they need more time to reach their full bud potential so get some cutting from them next time and after a few generations of cuttings you'll get the biggest buds.

    • Thank you. I probably should have started with less plants, but the two GG were not planned. These are all from seed, so I was actually thinking of cloning just for learning. I am already impressed with what it smells like, although I am trying to keep my fingers of of it.

      BrainPain   May 06th 2017

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