what does everyone think of my 1st home grow so far?

This is scrumdidiliupcous, my good friend let me take a few cutting off of one of his plants.  She is being grown in foxfarms ocean forest soil with a bag of perlite and a few handfuls of homegrown compost.  The LED light was $15 online and she gets some sunlight through the window too.  She has some bug damage but rubbing alcohol gently applied to the leaves is killing them effectively.

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1 answer

  • i'm not an experienced grower but i think your plant have a lack of nitrogen, i think that cause of the lower leaves all dotted. Also (if it's not the strain) the purple color of the stem let me think that (it's normal to see the stem so purple only in particular strain)

    • As you may know, nitrogen is needed by your plant in her first period, while growing

      pinocchio87   May 09th 2017

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