1st home grow, do you like?

Scrumdidiliupcous is a clone my buddy gave me. Grown in ocean forest soil with a bag of perlite and a few handfuls of compost mixed in. Growing under a $15 LED and the window for sunlight.

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2 answers

  • Nevermind, it didnt work.

    • Cool, now it works!

      tejbir421   May 09th 2017
  • Looks pretty cool! Hopefully, that combination of LED and sunlight will grow you plant nice and big. I grew a tomato plant inside my house next to a window once and it blew up! It ended up 6ft tall and I had to move it outside. 

    Are those thrips or spider mite bites on the leaves?

    • Spider mites for sure

      tejbir421   May 09th 2017

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