Update??? Whats ETA on next update?

Was just wondering when you might be putting out the next update.  I love this program but would love to see some of the bug fixes that are crucial for record keeping.  Keep up the great work!!!

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2 answers

  • What's up Baked Bros

    We are glad you are enjoying the app! We are working on the next update right now and we plan to release it at the end of the month. 

    What bugs are you running into? Anytime you come across a bug or a feature you would like you can post them here or you can always write into our support page and talk directly with the developers. 

  • Thanks for the update.  Can't wait for the update and fixes.  I have listed some of the issues in the case files, but only ones that I didn't see already being discussed and you guys are always on top of responding!  Thanks for the responses and keep up the great work... :)

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