Curious about a 24 hour light cycle.

I was thinking of going form 18/6 to 24.  I need to utilize as much time as I have due to traveling and I was wondering if anyone from the community has tried this and if so was it worth it?

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3 answers

  • I've tried it. Are you just trying to get your plants to grow faster? Or are you looking for more in the garden? I didn't notice any huge change in growth rate from going 24hours. If anything it stressed the plants out a bit. 

    • Yeah, I am trying to grow faster. So the stress wasn't worth the reward?

      johnny78   May 10th 2017
  • Plants actually grow during the night period. You won't see faster growth with 24 hours of lights.  Keep them healthy and happy for the fastest growth. Increase the PPFD, add co2, feed with a balanced nutrient schedule and you will see increased growth.

    • Thanks for the advice. I went with using a solid nutrient regime and the plants really took off.

      johnny78   Jun 04th 2017
  • I was think about lighting in veg stage 24/24 but how would it be on my bills 

    • I never tried it. After researching it didn't seem to prove to be the solution I was looking for. I followed WaterMeDry's advice of nutrients and that made the guys explode. (fox farm)

      johnny78   Jun 04th 2017

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