Growing outside in PNW

I live in the great PNW where it is legal for me to grow up to 15 plants (medical card). I just started 3 from seed that I'd like to move outside once they are strong enough. I have an indoor grow right now, and I also have a small backyard greenhouse where my tomatoes are hanging out waiting for me to clean out my raised beds (3 feet high). 

I know there are strains that are good for this area; Dutch Treet, Northern Lights, etc. I don't happen to have those. What I do have are Blueberry Kush, White Rhino, and Blackjack. 

My plan right now is to move them out to the greenhouse once they reach veg stage, then possibly to the raised beds where they can hang out with my vegetables. I do have a completely fenced and private backyard, no kids, and my raised beds are also fenced as I have dogs. I garden organically. I also grow organically. I would like a good yield, but since it's my first season of growing it's more about learning than rolling in green (trees, not dough).

Our growing season is not long, so for some of you, you may be thinking "You should have planted weeks ago!" I scraped ice of my window a week and a half ago, so no. We tend to have nice weather into mid-October, so we have our best growing season from May-October. 

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2 answers

  • Sounds like a fun project. Good luck

  • Out door grow to many factors to consider for my head to cope with 

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