How to tell when my grow is done?

what methods are you guys and girls using to tell when your plants are done and ready to harvest?

  • triclone color i pull when they are half amber half milky white

    Makmichigan   Jun 09th 2017
  • Pull them right when they start to turn amber. You want to harvest before the THC levels start dropping.

    WaterMeDry   Jun 09th 2017
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1 answer

  • Hi pear bear!

    well, that's a good question, i'm still a newbie but i studied hard i can tell u something about this argument, i strongly recommend you to see this page:


    Basically it depends on what do you want to achieve, if you leave 'em early you (when tricomes are half cloudy) you will get a speedy high, if you whait for tricomes to be all cloudy you'll have more potency (more THC), while the plants goes on with age she start to develop CBN while decreasing THC concentration (tricomes will have an amber head), in this case u'll have less potency but more relaxing kind of high.

    OFC you can also tell when they are ready by the pistils, but it is really less accurate!

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