I don't know what happening...

Hi guys, i don't know what happening here, they just have a couple months and they are already showing problems. I fed them with the suggested dosage but there's something wrong.

Can someone help me please? Thank you

  • Tip when growing AutoFlowers: AutoFlowers do not require a lot of nutrients when growing. Right now you are burning your Flower since all the leaves are burnt and slowing its growth down. Another tip, AutoFlowers are not a fan of Transplanting. To create a nice root ball, seed your Auto in a Red Solo cup, then cut the bottom out when the Seed shows 6+ Main Leaves, then put that Red Solo cup in a 1 gal pot fill with solon the bottom and sides. This creates a nice root ball under the cup. Don't put AutoFlowers in large pots (no larger then a 3 gal). AutoFlowers Genetics are not Photoperiod.

    The_Reaper   Feb 15th 2018
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2 answers

  • Looks like the little guy is pretty stunted for 28 days in veg. Has weak growth at the stem.  When in doubt give them a good flush and start feeding with 25% strength nutrients, then 50% and so on until you see it growing better. 

  • To me it looks like nutrient burn. The tips of all your leaves are looking roasted. I would only feed at 25% strength the next 2 feedings. See how the it responds. Then go to 50% and then 100% if it bounces back, which it will. 

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