Is case files for questions or posts?

It seems that there's a little confusion with what case files is intended to be used for, mostly with me lol at first I thought it was just a place for people to get help with issues, share tips, and ask questions regarding growing. But I've seen a couple questions here that, no matter how hard I try, I cannot make sense of when put into a question form, and I think that may be because they aren't questions, they're statements. (yea, that was an attempt at humor, dry and lame as it be)

If an admin or someone that knows for sure could just make it clear for me, I'd appreciate it. 

Growers Love, Yall


  1. You will see these arrows in every question page. They allow you to upvote/downvote according to the relevancy of the question/answer.
  2. Edit your question/answer if you wish to change it or update it.
  3. If you dont understand something about the question, leave a comment asking. The answer field should be only used for answers.
  4. If the author of a question mark an answer as solution, this mark will be visible.
  5. Click here to see more details about the operation of the system!

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  • Hi Saint,

    Case Files was intended to be a place for growers to post their journals and get help with their grow. It has morphed into a support area and a place for random comments/statements. This is the first phase of case files and we will make adjustments in the future. For now it is a free for all. Thank you for your activity, we appreciate growers like yourself helping other growers.  


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