Adding nutrients schedules

I read the previous question and answer about adding nutrients schedules, I am still having problems trying to add additional nutrients schedules to my Windows 10 version software. I have made several attempts try to access it both ways from the top bar and the lower area. Also uninstalled and reinstalled the software without success please help

  • Do you have the ability to take screenshots?

    Saint Skinny   Dec 24th 2017
  • I do have that capability. I have solved my problem. the issue was the auto-login... once I logged out and manually log back in all my my features reappeared and I was able to add nutrient schedules

    oldgrowbro   Dec 24th 2017
  • Good deal! Glad you got it figured out, Bro!

    Saint Skinny   Dec 24th 2017
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1 answer

  • The problem is the browser you are using 


    I have the same problem sometimes


    use another browser like IE or Chrome in Incognito Mode

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