Topped early and started to tie down

So I have started to tie down my plants becasue of the space I have to grow in. I am legally growing medically in the state of nevada. ( The only reason I am even using this web site) This is actually my test run to see how this hp4s light works. Please see pics any comments or suggestions is greatly appreciated. This is my first grow and I just want some advice as to when I should flower and if topping and scrogging are the proper teqniquies I should be using. I am feeding grow big by fox farms and I started in happy frog soil. I am adjusting the ph to 6.4 everytime I feed and water. Appreciate your input

  • What strain are you running? One thing I ran into on my first couple grows was underestimating how much the plants would stretch after flipping, I ended up having to cut off some of my tops :( Lesson learned though! Just remember that Sativa strains REALLY stretch when flipped to flower, Some will double in height between flip and harvest. hell, I've even heard of some strains almost tripling in height, but that could've been exaggerated

    Saint Skinny   Jan 06th 2018
  • These strains I am unable to locate at my local dispensary. and they are the only strains that help my medical condition. They are not sativa strains indica dominant

    Rondog   Jan 06th 2018
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2 answers

  • Hi ROn,

    Yours plants are looking good! Nice and healthy green. You are doing everything just fine. There are a lot of different ways to go about it depending on your scale and time. Cannabis is a strong plant so you can form them pretty easily. When you should flower depends on how much room you have to grow and the strains you are growing. Keep your light at a healthy distance depending on powerful of a light you are using. The height of your plant will depend on what strains you are growing, sativas sometimes double their height in flower. Keep up the good work and keep us posted. 

  • Thanks I appreciate the feedback

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