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Task Lists need improvement...

I love this app but it does not quite allow tracking of tasks and feedings in as much depth as gardens operate at.  There are many more tasks and procedures that an operational garden needs to be able to track.  I find myself refering to my google docs for procedure lists and treatment recipes but would be so much nicer to track and schedule those tasks including recipes within this app!  I tried to create a nutrient schedule to offer recipes for foliar treatments and IPM but the app doesnt allow me to overlay multiple nutrient schedules to the same garden.  Thought this may be a way around but didn't work.  As far as the "tasks" option, I find it extremly manual as you cant load a pre created task for duplicate.  Making every treatment custom which is time consuming and can lead to miscommunication.  I wish i could create tasks/procedures once then call on them for scheduling later.  

There is also a huge possiblility this can be done within the software but I am struggling to find ways to track and schedule specific tasks that have specific recipes that need to be refered to.  I can cut an copy from my google docs but that is not realistic for the long run trying to utilize this software to manage and operate a garden at optimisation.  

Please let me know if anyone has ways around said problems as I do really enjoy this program.



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Task Lists need improvement...


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