Can't add strains from marketplace

In the past I've added nutrients through the marketplace to my garden. But I can't seem to do it with seeds. I click "add to garden" but nothing happens. 

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2 answers

  • The problem is the browser you are using 




    I have the same problem sometimes




    use another browser like IE or Chrome in Incognito Mode

    • Damn, your good! I opened an "incognito" window, loggen in, and when I added it then opened the app, it worked like a charm... first time! I've tried to get this to work a few times without success, so this is awesome. I also did it before opening the grow buddy app on the laptop, which may have helped... Either way, I probably wouldn't have tried it that way without your answer, thank you for the advice!

      Saint Skinny   Feb 27th 2018
  • I have the same issue skinny. 

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