Restore deleted plants

I deleted the wrong plants.  Can I restore them?

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1 answer

  • Did you delete them or harvest them?

    • I Deleted them.

      The problem started after attempting to move mother plants into flowering. The advice I got here - create a new crop then move the mother plants there. I had trouble adding and moving plants. They didn't show up in the crop. I'd try again and they still didn't show up. At some point when I leave the crop and then return to it, all of the new plants show up. Now there's too many plants so I have to delete some then the change is again not refreshed. Now I don't know how many plants I have. This refresh issue has to be a bug. I'm using a Macbook Pro.

      Squeaky Bones   Feb 23th 2018
    • Yeah that sounds like a bug. Write into the support page on and let them know. I dont think you can get your plants back once they are deleted.

      StickyFingers   Feb 23th 2018
    • Thanks for the response. I had enough info to recreate the plants - very time consuming.

      I'll have to recreate the steps necessary to reproduce the bug, then I can write a bug report.

      Squeaky Bones   Feb 23th 2018

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