Time to flower?


Bubba Kush DWC

Veg under 300w LED

Will flower under 600w LED

Is it time to switch to 12/12 yet?

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3 answers

  • Not sure how much room you have to grow up but I would wait until your plants are at least a foot tall and have multiple heads from topping them. You plants double in size and you dont want them getting to close to the light so keep that in mind. 

    • The tent is 5 feet tall. Are they both old enough to be topped? And, would you recommend topping over a FIM?

      Bard   Feb 26th 2018
    • Also, the 300w LED is about 8-10 inches away from the plants. Would raising the light help them stretch?

      Bard   Feb 26th 2018
    • How much did your LED cost? With LED's you can keep them close to your plant. Depending on the quality of your light you will want it closish to keep your light intensity numbers high.

      They are old enough to top or scrog. I like FIMing as well because you dont take so much off.

      Do you have air bubblers in each container? What is your water temp? DWC is a great system but things can go south quick. Keep a close eye on those roots.

      StickyFingers   Feb 26th 2018
    • I have two galaxy hyrdo 300w LEDS/ They costed about 100 each. I have 2 air stones in each bucket. Water temp i havent watched too much. the roots are primarily white but have some spots where they are browning

      Bard   Feb 26th 2018
    • Put your hand under the lights and see if it gets hot or even uncomfortable. You are probably good with it around 12". The number one thing I can tell you for that system is to watch the water temp. Keep it between 68-72 degrees. The water can heat up from the air stones, pumps, and ambient air. Simple hack is to freeze water bottles and throw them in the water if it gets too hot. Make sure the bottles are clean, I wouldnt use dish soap though, use hydrogen peroxide and then rinse.

      StickyFingers   Feb 27th 2018
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  • it can be time if you want it to be 


    the plants look heaLTHY


    They will stretch while in Flowering Phase


    Generally you only need 4-5 weeks of Veg

  • If you have space won't hurt to grow her out a lil

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