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2 answers

  • Nice work on posting the whole journal! Its cool to see. I dont see what your EC or ppms are but at the start you EC doesnt need to be above 0.5. I would kill off the struggling plants they are just going to attract bugs. It looks like you are topping them which is good.  Make sure the pot is drying all the way out, you dont want a wet bottom which it kinda looks like from the brown leaves. Remeber LESS is MORE. 

  • I have 1 plant that look almost dead and I have another on the rebound


    How long to give the plants

    I often have a hard time killing my babies

    Also can I reuse the dirt

    • Yeah I know how it is. I would toss the almost dead on now. If you want to try and keep the rebound one thats fine just keep an eye on it because thats where your infestation will probably start. You can probably reuse the dirt but I always like to start fresh.

      StickyFingers   Feb 26th 2018
    • Sticky Fingers is right, In my experience, a healthy plant can fight off a pretty impressive infestation while the defiecient plants in the room look like a spider mite inn. I couldn't believe how well the one plant did compared to the others, amazing!

      Saint Skinny   Mar 05th 2018
    • You can reuse dirt, but there are alot of factors to consider. How long was the first plant in there, how much nutrition was the soil in the first place, did the previous inhabitant have root or soil pest issues? Do Platypus' wish they had belly buttons? The only question I can answer is the last one, and if you're wondering, of course they do, belly buttons are freakin awesome!

      Saint Skinny   Mar 05th 2018

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