when to start feeding my plant

how old does my plant have to be befor i give it nutrients..? its 5 days old now 

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3 answers

  • You can start feeding a very light nutrient feeding now. Keep it low, around 250ppm. This will also help keep you waters ph stable.  

    • on no worries sounds good thanks mate....

      antman   Mar 23th 2018
  • when to start feeding


  • This depends on alot of factors. To answer your question best, it'd be nice to know:

    • What kind of Media are you using? IE Coco, soil, rockwool?
      • If you're in soil or coco, is it amended? 

    • What's your water source? IE Tap, Well, Distilled, RO?
    • What kind of nutrients will you be using? IE Bottled, Teas, Top Dress? (I'm assuming you're using bottles from the way the question was posed)

    Here's a few tips off the top of my head that may be helpful

    • If you're using Coco and Distilled or RO water, it'd be a good idea to add CaMg in pretty early, and regularly. As with all new additions, Start off light. 
    • If you're in an amended soil like Ocean Forest, Happy Frog, VermiFire, Etc., You should have enough nutes in the soil to get you through the first month or so. 
    • If you have (or can get) quality earthworm castings, you can start them off with some aerated tea.
      • if you need a recipe, let me know.

    • Keep you're naughty parts out of the toaster. This has nothing to do with plants, But I figured it's just good advice in general.
      • If you can't refrain, use protection.

    • Growing other types of plants can be beneficial in these types of situations. It's nice to have the chance to try an idea on a pepper or tomato plant, that way you wouldn't be devistated if it didn't work out. 

    If you can't tell, I'm kind of partial to Organics, I wish I would've skipped the bottles and gone straight to amendments. Hindsight is 20/20, I guess! 

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