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did i kill them??

so i work alot, alot, alot. came home 2 nights ago after being gone for 4 days. 2 of my purple urkles were in bad shape!! the whole lower half of the plants were dead. i mean leaves dried crisp yellow gone!!! here is a pic of 3 of the leaves that are toward the top of the plant that i plucked off tonight. i took a pic of them on the plant but you cant see shit under the hps light.the top if the plants are fine. i will put a pic of them in the scrog but you cant really tell. it is the one on the lower left that is the worst but if you can tell the top looks fine. what do you think, just under watering death or something under nutes?? what you think guys this is my first grow by the way


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did i kill them??


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