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what is going on here, they are dead!!

well i dont know what is going on here. this is my first grow and everything was going fine until i went on vacation last week. i came back to this. but wait it was only one plant looked like this when i got back. i thought they didnt water them because they were pretty dry when i got back but i watered and the next day two looked like that. now day 3 of being back and all but one look like this. you can see the one strong one out of the group. these are purple urkles. i have durban poison on the other side of the room and they look great so it isnt room environment. what do you guys thing. the leaves are yellowing from the inside out. you cant see that in the pics. the last red image is the other side, you can see they are great.



added new images you can see that i added a image of some of the other side so you can see how good they are doing. you can tell which ones those are.


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what is going on here, they are dead!!


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