Growing Troubles

Hello there!) Need a bit help with growing)What is this?1 month vega stage.Yellow nails on leaves, on top of grow point.

Soil: Coco, 35l pot size

Fertilizer: GHE


1. Clean water, 0,5 l PH = 7,8.

2. GHE Grow 1,5 ml per 1l, Micro 1 ml per 1l, Bloom 0,5 ml per 1l.

3. Clean water, 1l PH = 7,8.

4. GHE Grow 1,5 ml per 1l, Micro 1,5 ml per 1l, Bloom 1 ml per 1l.

Light: GIB Lighting Pure Bloom Spectrum XTreme Output 400W. 18:6 daylight. 40 cm lamp distance to plant.

Temperature: Day 25-27 C, Night 18-22 C.

Thanx for attention, and future help.

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2 answers

  • your ph is to high 

  • Yeah pH is to high. Bring it down around 6.5. Your range can be between 6.2-7

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