Addition of Company to buy nutrients from

Are you guys going to add the Emerald Harvest line soon?

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7 answers

  • Hey Firegod. I'll get their nutrient schedules added into the nutrient schedule section of the Marketplace. We currently work with Monster Gardens when it comes purchasing products through the marketplace. I will let them know our users want to be able to purchase the Emerald Harvest line. Happy Growing!

    • Awesome, thanks so much guys

      Firegod   Apr 03th 2016
    • posted by

    Could you also add METROP. Been using them for years...

  • Platinium Nutrients from France would also be a nice addition ! :)

  • Hello GrowBuddy


    could you add "HESI" Nutrients Plan to your list please?

    (I've looked for it, but can't find it)


  • It would be nice if we could upload schedules ourselves, but until then does everyone know that you can create it yourself? Here is the video

  • Could you add Growth Science Nutrients please?

  • The GB guys have been slow to get to adding nutrients to the marketplace but you are able to add them to the garden yourself. Check out their you tube page



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