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When I log a clone I take from mom the clone taken show up as a mother. Is there a way I can switch the symbol to veg or flower? I try to keep my log updated with my grow and I could lose track if I dont note it.

Is there a way to find a particular plant in a particular crop? When Im doing this its like Im fishing for the plant. I noticed that each plant have a ID code but there is no where to input the code or im just looking too hard

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2 answers

  • I've been using GrowBuddy for a bit and I think I might know what is happening. If you making clones using the clone tab and are creating them in the same crop as your moms they will show up as a mother plant. You can move them out of the mother crop and they will autmatically change to a clone state, then you move them into veg or bloom. The option is to just create them in another crop when creating the clone. 

    Here is a link to GrowBuddy's YouTube page with how-to videos.

    Here is the one showing how to take a clone


    • I don't believe there is a feature to search for a plant. You can give your plants nicknames by clicking on the plant - details tab - hit the little "edit pencil" in the bottom right - then enter a nickname :)

      SmokeGirl   Mar 17th 2016
    • There is currently not a plant id search feature, but you can search by strain and name currently.

      DanielTrichrome   Apr 07th 2016
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