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First, I just started using your application and I love it... Its a growers dream….. I have a small suggestion if possible: Your calculation in the (create nutrient schedule) is ML per Gallon; is it possible to make it ML or Ounces per 55 Gallons, many growers use the 55 gallon TANK (blue Ones). Canna has their Grow Guide formula that allows adding a “Tank Size” and it helps with the final calculations rather than having to calculate manually ML x 55 gallons every time I feed. Thank you.


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  • Hey Mike,

    Thanks for writing into the forum, we appreciate the feedback. This is exactly what we are looking for. I will create a ticket for this and let our team know. This is something we will probably release with our commerical grower features. Keep the feedback coming and happy growing!



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    I just realized by spending time in the application that when I create my nutrients Database that by using the “Once” under Nutrients UOM that It will adjust my schedule feeding measurement scale. I will also have to use "Gallons" under setting and under the Nutrient schedule as a “Water Unit of Measure.”


    The calculation is all per gallon but it will be nice if we had an option to pre-set per specific value of water such as 55 Gallons-standard tank.


    When I am watering I love the fact that the software calculates the schedule feeding base on the age of the plants but it will be nice if the software could calculate Gallons base on tank size.


    • Thats a new request that we have not heard before. We will have to talk about the best way to introduce this. Thanks for the feedback.

      GB-Admin   Jun 28th 2016
  • is there a way to get Liters and Milliliters in there as well?

    ( I don't use gallons, I use liters )



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