Edit watering/feeding date + nutes on Iphone

I might be really missing something, but I can't seem to edit the date of a watering/feeding. If I forgot to record it for a previous date, can I not specify the date when adding the data?

In addition when I try to water individual plants on the Iphone app it only allows you to enter the amount of water you're giving, and not specify nutes.



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2 answers

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    Hey Forest,


    You are not able to edit a feeding on the phone yet. YOu will have to log in on a PC or tablet to edit a feeding. You are also correct on not being able to edit the nutrients given to the plants. We are working on getting all of the PC features into the phone. I will submit these to get built.

    • Thanks a lot for your reply. That makes sense and look forward to those features becoming available. I might still be missing something but I can't seem to edit the date of a feeding on tablet. Should I be able to go back and edit details etc or specify a date of watering?

      Thanks a lot

      forestgreen   Jul 26th 2016
    • We are too. At this time you are not able to edit the date of a feeding. You have to delete the feeding and then go to the correct day on the calendar and enter in the data again. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I just talked with our programmer and we are going to address this.

      GB-Admin   Jul 30th 2016
  • Good Catch Forest. You are not able to edit the date of a feeding. You would have to delete the feeding and go the the correct day and then enter in the right information. We will create a ticket for that. 

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