When will the next update come out?

Great Program

Been using this for a little while now and getting used to how it works, but looks like it needs a few more updates. Looking forward to see next update.

Keep up the good work GROWBUDDY!!!!!

  • Hi Iceman,

    We are working on releasing a new update today actually! It has to go through the iTunes approval process for the iPhone and iPad, but the Desktop and Android versions will receive an update today.

    GB-Admin   Oct 10th 2016
  • Just did a couple of days ago!! by the way thanx guys that solved some of my frustrations, great job

    Hannoud ^_^   Oct 15th 2016
  • Hannoud, I am glad that some of your frustrations have been fixed! We will continue to work hard on improving GrowBuddy across the board. What other issues or suggestions do you have for us to help make the system better?

    GB-Admin   Oct 15th 2016
  • Thank you guys and i really appreciate the effort, i love the app and i think it's the best out there so far. i've been having some problems mostly with the mobile app, it seems that sometimes it doesn't upload the photos no matter how much i try, so what i do in general is take a picture send it to my email so i can open it on my computer and add it from there, which normally i should be able to do with 3 clicks on my phone. for the moment that's all i can think about!!!

    Hannoud ^_^   Oct 15th 2016
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