Small yellow spots on leaves... deficiency or bugs?

Hello Growbuddy friends, I could use some help with this...

I have yellow spots on some leaves and I can figure out what it could be. (see pictures)

I've been looking aroung on the net but haven't found any good answers so I thought I would upload a few pictures here and see what you great people think.

Any input wouldbe appriciated....TY.

1.2M X 1.2M Grow tent, with intake fan and extraction fan. (+ 2 fans to move the air)

Strain: Critical Kush (Day 19 of Flower)

Medium; Soil (11 L. pots)

Temp (high/low) ; 29C / 22C

Humid (high/Low) ; 62% / 49% 

Water PH ; 6.1

PPM ; 160 (w/o Nutes) - 600 (w/nutes)


Any input would be appriciated....CHEERS.

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5 answers

  • The yellow dots deffinetly looks like Mites.  Yellowing tips could be a lot of different things... but the spots, mites for sure.

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  • Hey Iceman. What nutes do you use? Do you feed every watering? It looks like a calcium deficiency to me. Is this new damage. It looks kinda old from the pics. Do you have pics of the whole plant? 

  • I'm a newbie, however when i showed this picture on a forum, they told me it was spider mites, and it got worse, however I took the advise i was given and used "Nuke em" which got rid of them.  Plant is still alive and growing.

    • Your's is definitely spider mites. Be sure to keep spray every 4-5 days to make sure they don't come back. They can hatch, mature, and bread in 3-4 days with right conditions. And switch up what you spray. get a few products with different active ingredients so they don't build up a tolerance.

      SmokeGirl   Jan 20th 2017
    • You must be talking to the first person who posted the message because if you read my comment..."however I took the advise i was given and used "Nuke em" which got rid of them. Plant is still alive and growing."

      But again, all advice is welcome.

      chewy96216   Jan 20th 2017
    • Actually, SmokeGirl is on to something. It's recommended to rotate your IPM (Integrated Pest Management) products, because if you use the same product continuously, the mites that survive get used to it and immuned, for lack of a better word. The active ingredient in Nuke em is Citric Acid, so go with another active ingredient if you take my advice. Glad you got it figured out! Spider mites can be a real biotch. I lost a HUGE Sour D plant when I first started DWC to mites, that was the saddest fire I've ever had. Did you happen to see any webs anywhere?

      Saint Skinny   Nov 26th 2017

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