Mixing on a large scale

We are mixing on a large scale and we are about to switch over to automated watering. We were thinking Dosatron but wanted to see what other people thought. Any suggestions? 

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3 answers

  • I have heard good things with Dosatron. They are not as expensive as other companies and easy to set up. It all kind of depends on how your grow is set up. You have to manaually change your nutrient amounts on the Dosatrons. You can always mix your nutrients yourself and have it attached to a drip system if you want to do it the cheapest way.

  • Dosatron in good if you are big, but not real big. You can water several thousand sq feet with a Dosatron no problem. But if you got into the tens of thousand of sqft you need to get something like Priva to really have full control. How many sqft are you planning on watering?

  • Airflow tanks work pretty good. 

    • Who makes those?

      Stomatic   Dec 23th 2016

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