Arranging the plants in the day view of CROP

1) Can I rearrange the plants in the Plant window? 2) Can i assign my own plant ID numbers?

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1 answer

  • Hey Jeff,

    Right now you are not able to rearrange you plants. You can change what you are viewing though. When view your crops in the crop tab, there is a pop up bar next the the arrow and new button that allows you to sort how your plants are displayed. You can choose oldest to youngest, or youngest to oldest. You are also able to sorta alphabetically or only see plants in certain stages.

    We have not made a feature that allows you to create your plant ID. This is something we have talked about releasing when we put out our pro version. 

    Thanks for writing in and please feel free to request features or report bugs. 


    • I am finding that sorting the crop view is not a problem. Saving my "view preference" however, is a problem. Does this really need to be changed every time the program is opened ?

      Clos3tCultiv8or   Apr 01th 2018

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