Are they Ready?! The right one xD

Hi everybody, still here asking for your help! I got some photos of my plants in a magnifier 40x, i'd like to have an opinion on the "readyness". Could u check out the photos on my summary?


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3 answers

  • Its hard to tell from the photo. You need a better magnfication to see the triqs. I would give it more time from the 3rd picture back. The hairs look like they are standing straight up still. I would say another week then start the flush.

  • Looking way better than before! Your hairs are changing nicely. I agree with StickyFingers. A few more days and start the flush. :)

  • Ehi there, thanks again for the advice!


    I actually started flushing the day before i posted this (03/01) because i was really worried about a nutrient burn shown by all my leaf, so i started the only water threatment!

    I decided to try to grow them with more CBN so i think it'll take 3 more weeks for me to harvest i guess :)

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