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I´m a beginner and I´m growing White Widow and OG Kush in a box. It´s my second crop, and again one plant is not developing well. It looks kind of strange, very compact. The earth is always wet, so I think the roots are not that good, too. And I have no clue what I did wrong. Maybe I hurt the root while I change the pots? Thanks for your input! P.S. Awesome program, I wish you guys all the best!

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3 answers

  • Looks like you are growing from seed. Is that correct? If so, did this strain give you problems last time? Is it the White Widow giving you trouble?

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    You´re right, I´m growing from seed.

    I´m not 100% sure, but I think it´s again the OG that is looking that bad. I was a bit unorganized the last time.

    The WW & OG seeds were both from Royal Queen, stored at the same conditions.

    The last crop was killed by an accident, so I´m not sure what to do with this plant.


    • Are they auto flowers? If you have enough time before they start to flower you try and top it. The under growth looked like it was growing fine. This will help stimulate that growth. It could also just be some messed up genetics.

      DeazyHaze   Jan 12th 2017
  •  That is weird. Are you using the Bio bizz nutrient line too? The leaf is nice and green, that one just seems to have adnormal growth. Almost looks like you topped it. 

    • Im using HESI nutrition line, but I did not used it at this stage. I topped the two WW, both looking very well, with my eyes.

      hanykush   Jan 12th 2017

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